What’s Coming to Disney+ Hotstar in January 2023

upcoming shows and movies Disney plus Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar has announced a list of movies and web series coming to the platform in January 2023. The lineup has some content in the mix including some fan favorites. 

Even India’s famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam headlines the Indian catalog for Disney+ Hotstar in January 2023. He’s headlining a comedy-drama show named Taaza Khabar. Overall, January 2023 is full for Disney+ Hotstar subscribers as the platform is bringing tons of content. 

Most Awaited Titles on Disney+ Hotstar in January 2023

  1. Star Wars: The Bad Batch 

After the success of Andor, Disney+ Hotstar has one more show lined up for fans. Star Wars: The Bad Batch drops on January 4, 2023. The show will follow our friendly troopers as they navigate through the Empire after the fall of the republic. The first 2 episodes are currently available for streaming. 

  1. Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers quickly got a lot of fame when it was adapted to anime. The show has a good plot and some great characters. Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers will cover the Christmas Showdown arc. Resuming it from the point where the lead Takemichi Hanagaki and Chifuyu Matsuno got shot by Tetta Kisaki, a top-ranking official of the Tokyo-Manji gang. Season 2 is also expected to introduce some new characters. 

If you’re an anime lover, you may want to check out Tokyo Revengers on Hotstar.

  1. Will Trent 

Another banger that’s coming to Disney+ Hotstar this month is Will Trent. The show follows an eponymous special agent Ramón Rodríguez, as he struggles with abandonment issues. 

The show has aired at the time of writing, with 6 remaining episodes coming in the following week.

4. The Last of Us

Based on the globally loved PlayStation video game, “The Last of Us” is releasing on 15th January 2023. The story revolves around Joel and Ellie, two people connected through the harshness of the world they live in and endure brutal circumstances and killers in a journey across post-pandemic America. some video game fans are not glad that a web series is coming up, while some are really excited. I guess, we’ll just have to wait and watch to see how it does. 

Complete List of Upcoming Web Series & Movies on Disney+ Hotstar in January 2023

Check out everything you can stream on Disney Plus Hotstar in January 2023. And if you don’t find this lineup exciting, stay tuned for the February 2023, Disney+ Hotstar content lineup. 

January 2

  • The Simpsons: Season 34, weekly
  • Family Guy: Season 21, weekly
  • Bob’s Burgers: Season 13, weekly
  • The Great North: Season 3, weekly

January 4

  • The Menu
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2, Episodes 1–2, weekly
  • Will Trent: Season 1, weekly
  • The Resident: Season 6, weekly
  • Welcome to Chippendales: Season 1, weekly
  • Willow: Season 1, weekly
  • National treasure: The Edge of History: Season 1, weekly
  • Gannibal: Season 1, weekly
  • Big Bet: Season 1, weekly

January 5

  • Big Sky: Season 3, weekly
  • Abbott Elementary: Season 2, weekly

January 6

  • Taaza Khabar: Season 1
  • The Files of Young Kindaichi: Season 1
  • Alaska Daily: Season 1, weekly
  • The L Word: Generation Q: Season 3, weekly

January 8

  • Tokyo Revengers: Season 2, weekly

January 10

  • Koala Man: Season 1, weekly

January 11

  • Chasing Waves: Season 1

January 16

  • The Last of Us: Season 1, weekly

January 18

  • 9-1-1: Lone Star: Season 4, weekly
  • Super Junior: The Last Man Standing: Season 1
  • Bloody Heart: Season 1, Wed–Thurs, weekly

January 25

  • Extraordinary: Season 1
  • Lost Man Found: Season 1, weekly

January 31

  • The Watchful Eye: Season 1, Episodes 1–2, weekly

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